Friday, August 2, 2013


 I believe that NURSING is not just a profession, it is not just a job, but a CALLING. I Love nursing and choose to be a NURSE because I care about people, I love helping and reaching out to the needy and the sick just as Jesus would have done..


                                                            BUT Oooopppsss...

     Let me rephrase what I have just said ...when you ask nurses and doctors why they choose nursing and/or a medicine as their profession, most probably 99.9% of the time they would exactly say the same words...almost the same sort of  answer that you get from the contestants of most beauty pageants  saying "I CHOOSE WORLD PEACE"!! LOL

     Kidding aside and  in all honesty, I choose Nursing as a profession more so because of monetary reasons..but please don't get me wrong..I came from a Country (Philippines) wherein taking a Nursing Degree is like the answer to take our families out of poverty and hardships especially after graduating and passing the Nursing Licensure Exam, we are all expected to get a job abroad like US, Canada, Australia, the Middle East and every other First World and developed nations that needs our nursing skills and expertise.. For a person like me who grow up searching for greener pastures and dreamed of financial stability, I would be crazy if I will pass for an opportunity to work as a nurse abroad even though leaving my family behind would be extremely difficult. For us , to work abroad would help our starving families, and send our sons, daughters, nieces, nephews to school to give them brighter futures. You cannot imagine how much help we were able to provide not just for our immediate families but for other relatives as well..We are the ones who would sacrifice to be away from our families in order to take care of other families and more so, to take   care of sick people that are not our own,.

     Although initially my reasons in choosing Nursing as  a profession was more for financial stability, my perspective in life has changed.
 I am no Mother Theresa nor a saint, but I choose to embrace change and walk a path of goodness though God's guidance and grace. As the years passed by of working as a Nurse, I began to embrace it as a calling, to genuinely tend to the sick and needy. Personally,I am still in the process of enlightenment and growth.I do believe that God put me in this position to be a vessel of His blessing and His healing.  I may not be the best nurse but at least I try to do my best in service for the sick..I am only human, I make mistakes,I get stressed and I get overwhelmed by the demands of my work but by the grace of God and with the help of my colleagues at work, I get by, we all get by,  and we manage to provide the best care that we can ever give to our patients and families as well.

     My assessments at times can be wrong, but that does'nt mean that I am incompetent. It's just like  doctors trying to diagnose patients as they order blood works and diagnostics procedures to find out what is really wrong with the patients.  We all try to work hand in hand in order to provide the appropriate treatments and care plan for our patients.  As a registered nurse who works in a heavy and busy unit (I work in neurosurgerical unit), it can be really stressful especially if we have lots of  patients that are in tracheostomies and/or more confused and agitated patients. In addition to that, some  families can be understandably demanding .  As I work in the floor, I try hard to give all my medications in time, do my bedbath in time, and we would be lucky if we have two nurse aides on the floor which does not happen all the time, put the patient up in a chair. often needing a medilift to transfer or 1-2 person heavy transfers, turn my patients every two hours, deal with patient and family issues, with all my 5-6 patient load, and finish my charting on time if I get lucky together with all other paperworks to be done for every shift..To be more straightforward, all I can say is that, Nursing can be pretty stressful..It takes a lot of hard work, flexibility and proper time management to finish all our duties in time...And in line with that, I am so concerned about the current reports in the news about more and more lay-offs of the frontliners (nurses) in the hospitals. I am so concerned, that given our patient load right now, I am not too sure if I would still be able to keep my calm and composure when I will get extra patients, more so I am not too sure about the security of my job...even though in most cases, we would be bumped into another unit or maybe lessen our hours , still the idea of working into a new unit takes away our already built up rapport with the staff that we work with.. Working into new unit means, another adjustment period to get to know all the staff , getting use to the routine and who knows, we might be working in a totally different area from where we were, let's just say 2-5 years ago.. On top of it all, the quality of patient care is going to be affected. It will be harder to manage more patient loads, with lesser staff and less skilled healthcare workers. As a concerned newly naturalized Canadian citizen but remains a Filipino at heart, and as a concern Albertan and a nurse, I fear for the quality of our healthcare system especially if the workforce transformation model would be push through in  a more province wide scale. We are dealing with lives in the hospital, not just numbers and statistics of patients but REAL LIVES of sick people who needs care from more skilled front liners and hospital workers.

     I just hope and pray that in the end, things will work out well..I already laid down my concerns as part of my  legal and personal responsibility to advocate for my patient's safety. I am a nurse and I care. As the quotation says "Being a Nurse is more than a job, It's a way of life". Our patients are entrusting their lives to us, believing that we would do everything in our capacity to provide the care that they deserve.  I just hope that it will not come to a point wherein their trust will be lost just because there will be less front liners working in the hospital and more patient loads for one nurse to carry out...

     I am a Nurse, I am proud to be one...And I am doing everything that I could to fight for all our  safety..Maybe for some people, this issue does not seem so important, but as a Nurse who cares, I have to speak out and be a voice for my colleagues and for all Albertans...

May God help us all, So say we ALL!

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